It is our right!

The right to bear arms is in the second amendment of the American Constitution. However, the gun laws being passed are limiting this right. People are perverting what was written in the Constitution to make it fit their agenda. Leaders in the past had implemented gun control in order to control the country’s citizens. America is supposed to be a free country but it seems that this idea is being neglected when making certain laws. It is only a matter of time before guns are taken away from the ordinary U.S. citizen.

Link to a site with a list of gun laws by state

Here are great examples of what happens when gun laws are implemented.



Do you people seriously think that gun control would provide them more protection…

It makes me laugh when people say yes because it’s even worse when we follow something like that, it would be so easy for criminals to kill or do whatever bad thing they want to do. So, here is a picture that might help people with very smart brains to understand.

Image result for funny things against gun control law

Believe it or not, Switzerland has the lowest crime rates in the world because everyone is allowed to own a gun.

Image result for funny things against gun control lawWeird?

Nah, if you use logic, you will see that it’s not weird.


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