The news on guns

Have you noticed that everything on the news about guns are only absolutely horrible stories of people being shot? Well it is complete bogus. Sure there are some incidents where people are shot but what about the stories when guns actually save peoples lives. There are hundreds of stories where guns save people’s lives. The news just feeds people biased information that twists their views on things. It is ridiculous, story after story of people getting shot. No wonder the view towards guns is so twisted. Give people the whole truth not an interpretation on the truth, Guns help people and should be restricted as harshly as it has been.

Stories of guns helping people

there are two ways to think of this guy, either way if he was protecting himself or trying kill someone. How do you know?


The news say that this guy is….. A TERRORIST, PSYCHO, etc…

You can’t just judge people for what they look like or do because what if that person was trying to protects himself or his family, or what if that this person was threatened to kill someone or his family will get killed which is pretty common. Guns can be used for both, killing and protecting but it would be more for protection because killing would be easy without a protector if you think about it.



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