Why so serious?

My partner and I have decided to go a different route and switch over to something more fun… video games. For a while now my partner has wanted to change what we were writing about but I liked the subject of gun control so we continued to write about it. After the few blog posts we have written, it has become apparent that it is hard to write about gun control. Both of us like video games and it is a lot more fun to talk about so now this blog will be focused on video games. To start off the new blog I want to give a shout out to my favorite game called Skyrim. If you are a fantasy nerd like me you will love this game. I feel it has all the aspects of a great fantasy RPG like magic, an immersive story, ad of course the lore. I would highly recommend this game and the other games made by Bethesda like the Fallout series.

Image result for skyrim
This is the logo for the game called Skyrim
Image result for skyrim popularity
All these are the most popular addictive games in the world… It’s not just for steam. You can see that Skyrim is 6th most popular game.
Image result for skyrim
Here is a picture for the game. Looks pretty addicting right?!

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