Some people think that GTA 5 was a boring game. People say that the game is really horrible but i don’t see how. It has explosions, fast cars, and more explosions. Explosions for crying out loud, they make all games more interesting and people call it boring! On top of explosions the game has a lot of humor, at every turn there is a laugh to be had. On account of explosions, hours of laughter, and fast cars I will have to disagree with people that say the game sucks.

People happen to think this because the game was kind of just a repeat of the last game. It has similar stories like the ones before it, similar modes, similar characters, and also weapons. It has a lot of glitches that needed to be fixed, it was also able to be hacked easily and people’s were accounts stolen and

Photo Videogame Photography 2013 © (CC BY 2.0)

sometimes their credit cards’ accounts too.



However i believe that GTA 5 is a wonderful game, you can literally do whatever you
want in it. You can fly planes, drive cars, fight, swim, and a lot of other fun things while in the old ones, you can’t really fly planes or swim.The best part that makes it so special than the ones before is that you can play it online with real people. And also it keeps on making great updates so that people will never get bored of playing it, updates like adding maps, cars, weapons, new styles, and other things. The game is endless which makes it very worth buying it.


But i know people feel strongly that the game is very lacking and doesn’t have a lot of play value. If you feel that way just sell the game, it’s not worth complaining about. The game is really fun to play with friends and can rake in a lot of fun. Just find friends to play it with and all will be swell. Frankly you don’t need friends to play because the game automatically pairs you with people and the game allows you to message and call people from within the game which is a cool feature.

Even so I will always feel that GTA 5 is really fun, and there is nothing that will prevent me from thinking that. I love the online gameplay. When my friends and I get together and play, we laugh for hours and can’t get enough of the funny stuff we do. We do things like fighting each other, throwing each others from roofs, racing in funny maps, and do a lot of crazy things like that. It’s like a daily life thing, with a lot of exaggeration, it it almost like a gateway to a different life where you can be someone completely different.


Photo Mike Prosser 2013 © ( CC BY-SA 2.0)





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