For Honor

For honor is a game that recently came out for the Xbox One, Ps4, and the PC. The game has probably one of the most unique combat systems I have ever used. So far the game is a blast, every match I play I am on the edge of my seat, constantly thinking of different strategies to defeat my opponent. The story mode for the game is pretty short however but it is still pretty interesting. The best part about the game is playing against other real people. It really presents a challenge and can even give new ideas on how to fight other opponents. A smaller part of the game but still very helpful is the customization options for the characters in the game. The game allows you to switch out armor and parts of your weapons to give you an edge in battle. Overall, the game is very fun and I highly recommend this game to anyone who like melee combat.

Photo BagoGames © (CC BY 2.0)

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