Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption was probably one of the best games I have ever played. The story was riveting and the gameplay was great. I remember sitting for hours on end in my room playing that game. I would forget to eat sometimes when playing. There was this one time when I woke up and started playing the game around ten o’clock in the morning and the next thing I knew it was five or six in the evening. My perception of time went straight out the window. My parents would keep saying “Get off and take a break from that game” my response would be “Okay, I will be down in a bit” but I never came down. Thinking about it now makes me laugh.

Photo RodrixAP 2013 ©(CC BY 2.0)

I wish however, that I didn’t finish the game in three days. I really wish that I took my time playing the game and savoring it. That was the only game that I would play each day. My curiosity of what will happen that the end of the game kept me hooked and would not give one bit when I tried to rip myself for the television screen. The game however was lacking after you finished the story. There were side quests left, but they got boring after the twentieth mission you completed. I tried multiplayer but that was just as boring and so came the end of one of my favorite games. There is an expansion for the game called “Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare” but unfortunately I never got around to playing it.

The game gave a sense of adventure unlike most games. The game also left me feeling satisfied after playing it. Luckily I will get another chance to play the game in the next upcoming title Red Dead Redemption two. I am really excited for this game and hope that it will be as good as the first one.

Photo RodrixAP 2013 ©(CC BY 2.0)

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