Rogue Legacy: A great roguelike

Recently I have been bored with videogames. However i was watching a video not to long ago on YouTube and came across the game Rogue Legacy. Rogue Legacy is a side-scroller, roguelike where when your character dies you pick your heir to keep exploring the dungeon. There is a twist however, each heir may a variety of traits that may help or hinder your gameplay. For example, some of the traits you can get is a fear of chickens, being a midget, and or being giant. Being giant makes you an easy target to hit but allows you to hit enemies from farther away. Being a midget allows you to reach secret and hard to reach areas but limits your reach greatly. So, each one of your characters needs to be played differently depending on your class and traits which makes for a grand time.

There is a lot of armor and runes to collect as well in the game. I have put 5 hours into the games and barely have the second set of armor or runes. The game’s difficulty doesn’t help the process of collecting along because the game is fairly hard which offers a nice challenge. I am very excited to delve deeper in to the game and aim to beat it completely.


Could not find any pictures that could be posted on the blog of the game due to copy right issues so here is a link to a picture on google of the game


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