The Witcher 3

I really thought that I would hate the Witcher 3 because I did not like the Witcher 2. I get really bored of games that do not immediately catch my interest and the Witcher 2 was one of them so, I just assumed the Witcher 3 would be the same. My friend thought otherwise, he felt that the game was really good. He went on and on about how the game is nothing like the second Witcher. We argued because we had different views on whether the game was good or not. The issue was resolved when my friend bought me the game all of a sudden and I was forced to try it. I now realize that I was mistaken, the Witcher 3 is one of the best games I have ever played. It is almost neck in neck with my favorite game: Skyrim. Once I started playing Witcher 3, I lost all conception of time, I started playing at one in the afternoon and five minutes later it was eight at night.




Rogue Legacy: A great roguelike

Recently I have been bored with videogames. However i was watching a video not to long ago on YouTube and came across the game Rogue Legacy. Rogue Legacy is a side-scroller, roguelike where when your character dies you pick your heir to keep exploring the dungeon. There is a twist however, each heir may a variety of traits that may help or hinder your gameplay. For example, some of the traits you can get is a fear of chickens, being a midget, and or being giant. Being giant makes you an easy target to hit but allows you to hit enemies from farther away. Being a midget allows you to reach secret and hard to reach areas but limits your reach greatly. So, each one of your characters needs to be played differently depending on your class and traits which makes for a grand time.

There is a lot of armor and runes to collect as well in the game. I have put 5 hours into the games and barely have the second set of armor or runes. The game’s difficulty doesn’t help the process of collecting along because the game is fairly hard which offers a nice challenge. I am very excited to delve deeper in to the game and aim to beat it completely.


Could not find any pictures that could be posted on the blog of the game due to copy right issues so here is a link to a picture on google of the game

Bad Parenting or just messed up

Don’t you hate it when people blame video games for violence? I sure do. After a kid goes and shoots up some people that was said to be a fan of video games, people start blaming video games for the violence, it doesn’t make any sense. To me video games offer an escape from reality and a source of competition, which is healthy. If people really want to blame something, blame those kid’s parents. Parents are the ones who most greatly influence their kids so, if the kid has violent tendencies Image result for playing video gamesand eventually goes to murder people, then there is something up with the parent’s parenting skills. On another note, normal people don’t just want to pick up a gun and go murder people for the hell of it. So when people blame video games for violence, they are telling a small part of the story.

Bleach: Brave Souls

Bleach was a great anime. It had lots of action, a bit of comedy, and pretty consistent character development. When it ended I was pretty upset because the show was so good. Recently, my friend showed me an IOS game called Bleach: Brave Souls. the game is pretty fun but you have to invest quite a bit of time to get good at the game. The story is pretty

Photo Chris Schultz 2011 ©(CC BY-SA 2.0)

good and it takes you along the story of the anime so if you watch all the cut scenes you can get a pretty good idea of what happens in the anime (still go watch the anime though). What is nice about the game is that the character that you can collect and use can all become very good characters. There are a couple that are not very good but the rest with enough determination could potentially become the best character in the game.

Photo Net Sama 2015 ©(Public Domain Mark 1.0)

The only quarrel i have with the game is that my phone keeps disconnecting when I am in a multiplayer game. I am not sure if it is something wrong with the game or if it is something wrong with my phone. Otherwise it is a pretty addicting game. I got immediately hooked and still play it everyday. There will be times when you will want to stop playing but you need to press on because there are opportunities in the game that are time limited so you need to make the most of your game time. Even if you do not like anime, I would suggest you try out this game (you can skip cut scenes).

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption was probably one of the best games I have ever played. The story was riveting and the gameplay was great. I remember sitting for hours on end in my room playing that game. I would forget to eat sometimes when playing. There was this one time when I woke up and started playing the game around ten o’clock in the morning and the next thing I knew it was five or six in the evening. My perception of time went straight out the window. My parents would keep saying “Get off and take a break from that game” my response would be “Okay, I will be down in a bit” but I never came down. Thinking about it now makes me laugh.

Photo RodrixAP 2013 ©(CC BY 2.0)

I wish however, that I didn’t finish the game in three days. I really wish that I took my time playing the game and savoring it. That was the only game that I would play each day. My curiosity of what will happen that the end of the game kept me hooked and would not give one bit when I tried to rip myself for the television screen. The game however was lacking after you finished the story. There were side quests left, but they got boring after the twentieth mission you completed. I tried multiplayer but that was just as boring and so came the end of one of my favorite games. There is an expansion for the game called “Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare” but unfortunately I never got around to playing it.

The game gave a sense of adventure unlike most games. The game also left me feeling satisfied after playing it. Luckily I will get another chance to play the game in the next upcoming title Red Dead Redemption two. I am really excited for this game and hope that it will be as good as the first one.

Photo RodrixAP 2013 ©(CC BY 2.0)

For Honor

For honor is a game that recently came out for the Xbox One, Ps4, and the PC. The game has probably one of the most unique combat systems I have ever used. So far the game is a blast, every match I play I am on the edge of my seat, constantly thinking of different strategies to defeat my opponent. The story mode for the game is pretty short however but it is still pretty interesting. The best part about the game is playing against other real people. It really presents a challenge and can even give new ideas on how to fight other opponents. A smaller part of the game but still very helpful is the customization options for the characters in the game. The game allows you to switch out armor and parts of your weapons to give you an edge in battle. Overall, the game is very fun and I highly recommend this game to anyone who like melee combat.

Photo BagoGames © (CC BY 2.0)



Some people think that GTA 5 was a boring game. People say that the game is really horrible but i don’t see how. It has explosions, fast cars, and more explosions. Explosions for crying out loud, they make all games more interesting and people call it boring! On top of explosions the game has a lot of humor, at every turn there is a laugh to be had. On account of explosions, hours of laughter, and fast cars I will have to disagree with people that say the game sucks.

People happen to think this because the game was kind of just a repeat of the last game. It has similar stories like the ones before it, similar modes, similar characters, and also weapons. It has a lot of glitches that needed to be fixed, it was also able to be hacked easily and people’s were accounts stolen and

Photo Videogame Photography 2013 © (CC BY 2.0)

sometimes their credit cards’ accounts too.



However i believe that GTA 5 is a wonderful game, you can literally do whatever you
want in it. You can fly planes, drive cars, fight, swim, and a lot of other fun things while in the old ones, you can’t really fly planes or swim.The best part that makes it so special than the ones before is that you can play it online with real people. And also it keeps on making great updates so that people will never get bored of playing it, updates like adding maps, cars, weapons, new styles, and other things. The game is endless which makes it very worth buying it.


But i know people feel strongly that the game is very lacking and doesn’t have a lot of play value. If you feel that way just sell the game, it’s not worth complaining about. The game is really fun to play with friends and can rake in a lot of fun. Just find friends to play it with and all will be swell. Frankly you don’t need friends to play because the game automatically pairs you with people and the game allows you to message and call people from within the game which is a cool feature.

Even so I will always feel that GTA 5 is really fun, and there is nothing that will prevent me from thinking that. I love the online gameplay. When my friends and I get together and play, we laugh for hours and can’t get enough of the funny stuff we do. We do things like fighting each other, throwing each others from roofs, racing in funny maps, and do a lot of crazy things like that. It’s like a daily life thing, with a lot of exaggeration, it it almost like a gateway to a different life where you can be someone completely different.


Photo Mike Prosser 2013 © ( CC BY-SA 2.0)